Presse verticali per gomma e termoindurenti

Press CB Auto

Particularly suitable for:

  • Thermosetting (urea, melamine and bakelite)
  • Technical rubber articles
  • Special details in rubber
  • Thermoset bathroom furniture
  • Special details in phenolic resin
  • Technical articles in sintered materials
  • Ceramic
  • Rubber coating molds

Download technical sheet CB AUTO

Press CBT Auto

Press CB equipped with automatic mould translation system.
With lower sliding plan to to facilitate loading and unloading.

Particulary indicated for for medium and large plans, especially for the moulding of seals and rubber details.
in particolare per lo stampaggio di guarnizioni ed articoli in gomma.

Download technical sheet CBT AUTO

The line of presses CB AUTO has been designed to meet a wide range of users both for direct compression and transfer moulding. The shape of these machines makes them very ergonomic, allowing the user to operate and access to the work compartment easly.
Keeping up with the most recent technology, all the Pezzato machines is complete with a high degree of automatism and the total personalization of the moulding parameters. (racing, pressure, speed, degassing) via human-machine touchscreen interface.