Battery-operated multistation systems for rubber, seals and specisl sealing rings

AUTOMATIC MULTIPRESS is the innovative technical solution that guarantees flexibility, easy accessibility to working areas, excellent performance combined with significant energy savings and reduced overall dimensions.
Automatic multipress consists of groups of several compression moulding machines, and thanks to its compactness, the careful design of its components, the remarkable and precise adjustments and independent operation of each individual machine, has been remarkably successful among the major seal ring moulders, seals of all kinds and technical rubber articles.
Each machinery can be equipped with various devices and accessories that make the system fully automated.


Battery operated multistation systems (also with vacuum box) for moulding of:

  • Seals
  • Sealing rings
  • Technical rubber articles

Each station can work independently and with different parameters.

Multipress v

Multipress equipped with vacuum moulding system (with integrated vacuum box)

The vacuum box allows the use of normal moulds without changes and reduces the downtime due to the mould change.