Presse per materiali compositi (SMC – BMC – GMT)
and carbon fibre

The continuous and valuable collaboration with the most important processors and producers of composite materials has garateed to ‘Pezzato’ to pay particular attention to the development of the range of CVR presses, result of the combination of a high precision and robust mechanical structure, a high-tech hydraulic system and advanced electronic management. Ensuring maximum adaptability of the machine to the moulding of very special parts.
Keeping up with the most recent technology, all the Pezzato machines is complete with a high degree of automatism and the total personalization of the moulding parameters. (racing, pressure, speed, degassing) via human-machine touchscreen interface.

Press CVR Kompo

Particularly suitable for:

  • Articles for automotive sector
  • Articles for electrical industry
  • Articles for shipbuilding industry
  • Technical articles for telecomunication
  • Special parts for lighting
  • Special parts for insulation