Presse verticali per lo stampaggio sottovuoto di gomma, o-ring e guarnizioni


CBV VACUUM RUBBER Press line is equipped by equipment for the complete evacuation of air in the mould before the closure phase and the total elimination of gases produced during the vulcanization phase. It’s designed to reach vacuum levels very close to absolute values, thanks to the use of an efficient vacuum system and a newly designed vacuum design, adaptable to any mould thickness.
With this technologically advanced system we garantee added value without revolutionizing our molding methodology.
Keeping up with the most recent technology, all the Pezzato machines is complete with a high degree of automatism and the total personalization of the moulding parameters. (racing, pressure, speed, degassing) via human-machine touchscreen interface.

Press CBTV Vacuum RUbber

For vacuum molding (with integrated vacuum box) of:

  • High quality technical articles in rubber
  • O-ring
  • Seals
  • Sealing rings

The vacuum box allows the use of normal moulds without changes and reduces the downtime due to the mould change.

Press CBTV Vacuum RUbber

Specially designed for manufacturers:

  • Sealing rings
  • Special seals
  • Medium and large rubber parts.

Equipped with automatic mold translation system.
With lower sliding plan to to facilitate loading and unloading.