Vertical presses for rubber parts, circuit boards, brakes and clutches

CG AUTO presses line is the simplest and cheapest version of Pezzato production, carefully designed to ensure machinery with excellent performance at a very competitive price.
Compared to the production standard Pezzato this type of machine differs for the closing of the mobile top which occurs with upward movement.
Keeping up with the most recent technology, all the Pezzato machines is complete with a high degree of automatism and the total personalization of the moulding parameters. (racing, pressure, speed, degassing) via human-machine touchscreen interface.

Press CG auto

Particularly suitable for:

  • Rubber parts (plates, rollers and wheels)
  • Articles of footwear sector
  • Technical rubber articles
  • Special details in rubber
  • Technical articles in sintered materials
  • Multilayer circuit boards
  • Brakes and clutches